Kristien Brada-Thompson

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Vice President
Managing Director

With a background steeped in television and pop culture, Kristien Brada-Thompson develops and directs leading-edge business, consumer and trade publicity plans for Priority’s clients.

Kristien has been instrumental in launching TV channel brands around the world, her efforts generating significant results. Such campaigns include the international launches of AMC Networks’ Sundance Channel and WE tv, for which she garnered extensive, targeted publicity throughout Asia and Europe.

Understanding the evolving technologies and platforms creating new opportunities for channel brands, Kristien helped MGM roll out its digital channels THIS TV and ME TV with Weigel Broadcasting, and launch MGM HD, the studio’s first branded channel in its storied history. She also publicized the digital launch of “Roger Corman’s Drive-In” on YouTube, a project that yielded widespread coverage across television, radio, print and online media.

On the consumer programming side, Kristien’s efforts were key in the launch of Thunderbird Films’ “Mr. Young” onto Disney XD, Merv Griffin’s “Crosswords” into national first-run syndication, and 2C Media’s “Airport 24/7: Miami” onto Travel Channel, among many others.

In the area of health and longevity, Kristien spearheads the PR campaign for DISC Sports & Spine Center, founded by leading neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr.  Since taking on the account in 2011, Kristien has had the opportunity to work with the U.S. Olympic Team and Red Bull in promoting the Center’s efforts to improve the physical health and performance of world-class athletes. She has secured and ghost written numerous national consumer blog entries for DISC’s doctors, for whom she has also generated wide-ranging media coverage—everything from delivering regular wellness and injury prevention tips for local and national TV newscasts to addressing major trends in the advancement of health care for magazines, newspapers and online news sites.

A former journalist whose portfolio includes multiple features in Daily Variety and other entertainment publications, Kristien enjoys using her writing skills to the benefit of Priority PR’s clients by drafting and placing bylines, blog entries and trend stories in outlets ranging from The Huffington Post and Forbes to SHOOT, Post and MediaPost.